About training

About our Mental health training

Matt Wallace – Social entrepreneur and Author

Overcoming suicidal depression in 2017 Matt used the methods which helped him recover to start a social enterprise which would help thousands.

These methods were reducing his screen time, spending more time in nature and regularly connecting with others. This inspired the creation of Clarity Walk to provide Digital Detox walks and hikes for the community, schools and businesses to improve mental health and wellbeing.

His dedication to wellbeing projects earnt the Scottish Edge Community award in December 2022.

With over a decade in wellbeing roles he is now working with organisations to support their wellbeing strategy to reduce sick days, increase retention, increase productivity and create a workplace that employees are proud of.

He provides accredited mental health courses, mental health strategy consultation and mental health presentations. If you are interested in any of our services please contact matt@claritywalk.co.uk

The training vision for 2023


Empower 250 people in 2023 with the knowledge and skills to have better mental health conversations and support those in crisis through our accredited courses.

FUnd the community

Profits from our training courses fund our community projects which reduce isolation and improve mental wellbeing. The more training we provide in 2023 the larger impact we can have on our communities.

OUR guarantee

  • To get the most out of training it has to be engaging so we use a range of teaching styles and combine lived and professional experience to guarantee engagement.


  • Training has to be relevant and usable so we focus on the key elements people will use day to day so they can feel confident when supporting people with mental health issues.


  • We ensure further learning and tools to refer back to we provide excellent resources that make supporting mental health issues simple and effective.


Contact us at Matt@claritywalk.co.uk to discuss your training needs