Improve your mental well-being through No-Phone nature walks and activities

Meet new people, become more motivated and Feel energised by simply walking and talking for an hour in nature without the distraction of phones


Clarity Walk is a Social Enterprise which aims to improve mental health and wellbeing through No-Phone nature walks and activities

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It is our mission to support 1000s of people across Scotland reconnect in nature and improve their health and wellbeing through walking and talking without the distraction of phones. 

Our purpose is to reduce isolation, reduce anxiety and create stronger, more resilient communities by bringing people of all ages together in nature.

We believe in collaborating with local and national businesses, charities and schools to create the biggest impact.  



We strive to teach people how to lower stress, reduce distraction and use their time more positively by providing more phone free time and education with our services. 

Our aims are to become the leading wellbeing provider in the
UK for walking services to improve mental health by working alongside NHS, GPs, counsellors, and mental health charities. Those referred by our referral partners receive a free membership with us to support them.

With the impact Clarity Walk creates we do not want to limit it to the Highlands and we aim to expand across Scotland through a franchising model, and then the UK. Clarity Walk will continue to adapt and support people when they need us most. 

Since August 2019 we have:

  • Helped over 470 people discover the joy that 1 hour walking in nature can bring
  • Helped 7 people return back to work after been signed off for mental health issues
  • Provided 12 volunteering opportunities for walk leaders
  • Supported over 60 young people to reconnect in nature
  • Received referrals from GP practices, counsellors and mental health charities who recognise the health benefits of our walks.  
  • Started Clarity Cleanup walks to clean up local nature spots
  • Worked with multiple charities and schools with our 6 week programs including the Salvation Army, Befrienders Highland, Cauldeen primary and Drummond school
  • Collected 4500 litres of rubbish from local nature spots 

We have also created a mental health and technology presentation which covers the issues with phones and social media and how to manage them for your mental health. We have presented about this to multiple high schools and businesses.

Over the next 5 years we want to: 

  • Support 10000 people to improve their wellbeing using our in-person or online services 
  • Become recognised as one of the leading wellbeing providers for walking in Scotland 
  • Expand to over 18 locations with our franchising model to support more communities


Collaboration with local and national businesses, charities and schools will help us achieve this.  

In 2022 we aim to:

  • Help over 1000 different people reconnect and improve their
    mental health
  • Help 15 people return back to work after been signed off for
    mental health issues  
  • Provide 15 volunteering opportunities in the Highlands
  • Set up franchise agreements to expand to other areas across Scotland
  • Collaborate with 5 different charities to help their users improve their mental health


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Switch off from your phone to relax and connect with others by simply walking and talking in nature

Meet new people

Join a group who are friendly, non-judgemental and very supportive so you feel welcome from your very first walk

All Abilities

Start at a level that suits you as we have a walk for all abilities, including those with mobility restrictions


If you don't drive we can provide transport from a local meeting point in your area

Try 1 walk for FREE to experience the benefits!
Then enjoy unlimited walks with our memberships

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a Positive Effect


The walks give me an opportunity to relax from the stresses of a demanding job and give me time to relax, connect with nature and other people.

Clarity Walk is the reason I am now back at work and feel better mentally to take on each day.

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The benefits of being off my phone for an hour and interacting with others in nature has had great positive effects on me.

After the walks, I feel refreshed and more energized. The activity brings me back in the present moment, where I feel more centered and ready to take on my day.

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Stacey’s powerful Clarity Walk story


Clarity Walk


Discovering methods that helped me recover from depression I knew I wanted to help others in the same way

My name is Matt and I was self-employed as a personal trainer for the last 5 years. I lost my passion for my business and decided to move to Glasgow in 2017 to try and reignite it. However this was the wrong decision.

I ended up in a gym I did not enjoy; I was very lonely in a new city; my body started to fail and I was on my phone way too much. I was comparing myself to others such as the body beautiful, the rich and famous and just other people wondering “why am I not like them?” and I felt like a failure.

All of this took its toll on my mental health and I slipped into a dark depression often asking myself “What is the point?”, “Why should I continue?” and “What is my purpose to be here?”

I had dark thoughts most days but thankfully I never acted on them and I am here today. I became aware I wasn’t happy and looked at my negative habits and I started to reverse them.

I was on my phone way too much so I decided to reduce my screen time and that gave me my time back so I could connect better with others; feel more in control and get more done each day.

My body couldn’t handle intense exercise anymore so I decided to walk in nature and that helped me reduce anxiety, clear my head and keep my body healthy.

I wasn’t connecting with people offline so I decided I needed to socialise more and that helped me feel connected as it was nice to have more face to face conversations and learn about people.

By changing these simple habits my happiness started to improve but I had to deal with a core issue. I had to change careers.

I moved back home and knew I wanted to help people in the same way that I helped myself. I looked at what worked for me that could be backed up by research to help others.

I formed the UK’s first No-Phone nature walk to help disconnect people from technology and reconnect them with others, nature and themselves. We became a social enterprise and our first walk was in August 2019 and it has really taken off since.

I now love what I do and will continue to work hard to benefit the Highlands and beyond. 

Clarity Walk

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