Supporting management to feel confident around mental health.

Is your management team ever fearful of doing or saying the wrong thing when it comes to mental health?

Are they confident to be able to identify the warning signs and start a supportive mental health conversation?

We provide Accredited Mental Health courses and workshops that help with the above to build your management team’s confidence and skills to support their team. 

Courses are delivered in-person and online. Prepared to travel. 

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Anubis Security Management training
Grampian Housing Mental health first aid online
Scottish Union Learning public speaking

What we offer

Mental health first aid and management courses

Comprehensive training for management and team members that provides detailed knowledge on a range of the most common mental health conditions and the action steps needed to start a supportive conversation, create a supportive environment, identify the warning signs and manage people in and out of crisis.

Tailored management workshop (1/2 - Full day)

Our bespoke Mental health workshops are tailored for your management needs to build confidence around mental health situations.

Public speaking (Up to 1 hour)

A tailored presentation that aims to empower team members to gain a better understanding of mental health and how they can take positive action to support themselves or someone they know.


"Helped prepare our team to know what to do and say in a real-life event"

Matt’s delivery was enjoyable, well paced, informative and accessible for all. The course gave the managers opportunities to roleplay common mental health situations. Roleplay felt awkward at first but by the end everyone was glad they done it as it helped prepare them to know what to do and say in a real-life event. The course had a good blend of theory and practical to help our learning. The team are now buzzing and confident in their ability to support their team and the wider organisation. Looking forward to the next cohort of training! Thank you.
Pauline Fraser - HR manager at Highland Industrial Supplies

"Passionate, engaging and committed to L&D"

Matt brings passion, lived personal experience, knowledge and a determination that employers embrace colleague mental health and breaking the taboo that so often surrounds it. I would urge employers to reach out, connect and hold a conversation with Matt and Clarity Walk to ensure they too recognise their duty or care in this all too important aspect of work. Engaging, amusing and committed to L&D. Our mental health first aid training flew by so quickly!
Chris Mathieson - Head of People at Grampian Housing Association

"Interactive, professional and delivery style is sensitive to audience and topics discussed"

Matt delivered a Mental Health training course for Practice Managers and middle management to provide them with the skills and tools to support their teams. Matt is always very professional in his approach and provides an interactive session that he relates to personal experiences. Matt's delivery style is always sensitive to the topics being discussed and his audience. We have had great feedback from our teams from Matt's training and have a further session planned for our Senior Managers.
Nicola Logan - Head of HR at Clyde Munro

"Professional and knowledgeable with content that hits home"

Matt provided a Mental Health Awareness session during the inaugural Safety Week at GoFibre. His delivery was professional, knowledgeable, interactive and supportive. I’d recommend Matt to any organisation of any size to deliver Mental Health Awareness sessions, as it hit home with many present on the session, and is a subject that needs to be explored openly - Matt facilitated that perfectly.
Kieren Godley - Head of SHEQ at GoFibre

"Informative, enjoyable and useful"

Matt has now delivered a few presentations to our Directors and Staff at Mac and Mac - his sessions have been very informative and useful and have helped us all focus on the topic of mental health, particularly in the workplace. Our Staff in particular have really enjoyed these sessions and have all said it has made them think more about their own mental health as well as those around them. If you have not already engaged Matt to come in and speak to you at work, I would encourage you to do so.
Alison Martin - Director at Macleod and Maccalum solicitors

"Professional, well organised and engaging"

Matt organised two excellent wellbeing walks for me in the last year. Both events were very well received by participants. Matt was great to work with throughout - professional and very well organised. He was able to adapt his programmes around the specific needs of our learning groups. We have also had Matt as a guest speaker at our 2023 Learning Conference in Inverness. Again, Matt was engaging and informative. I think other organisations will enjoy working with Matt going forward given his skills and commitment to his work .
Craig Finnie - Scottish Union Learning

"Unlocked the awkwardness around talking about mental health which has made a very positive impact for our team."

I’ve been following Matt's journey for a while now and in particular Matt's championing of change in how we view mental health. This is something I felt our company needed and indeed our industry (construction) to smash the stigma around opening up and talking about mental health. His course has made a very positive impact on our team, allowing us to unlock the awkwardness around talking about mental health and it’s complications. If this course helps or saves one persons life then it is job done.
Steven Callander - Callander Construction


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