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BOOK A Walk and talk session

The below information explains how our walk and talks work

Step 1 – Fill in the wellness questionnaire at the bottom of this page to allow you to join



Sessions are done by Zoom on your phone to connect with others across the country. All you need is a path to walk, good signal and enough battery to chat with the group.

  1. First there is an introduction explaining how it will work, then the group is split into smaller groups of 2-3 people to chat for 10 minutes.
  2. After 10 minutes the group is rotated so can speak with others and enjoy a full group experiencing whilst feeling safe right now.

Joining instructions will be provided upon booking to make it simple for you to join the session.


Book using the booking form 

Click a walk> Select walk > View selection > Click book now > Fill in name and email

You will receive an email confirmation and reminders to encourage you to go

If you enjoy Clarity Walk and want to escape into nature for a full day without your phone click the Digital Detox Daycation button to find out more

Fill in the Wellness Questionnaire

The data you provide in the wellness questionnaire is used to make sure that you are safe to walk and is also used to compare with a review form at a later date to see if the walks have helped you improve your physical and mental well-being. Questionnaires are kept strictly confidential.

You only need to complete this once