Clarity Walk offers a range of services to improve mental wellbeing for all ages and abilities within the community


Community WALKS

Switch off, relax and connect with others without distraction with our 1-2 hour guided walks in the Highlands.

Our walks provide you with accountability to motivate you to walk regularly without digital devices to significantly improve your mental wellbeing.

There are walks for all abilities, including one for those with mobility restrictions and we can help you with transport to access more beautiful locations.

You can benefit from our free and paid memberships. Click the icon to become a member.

Men's only PROJECT

Improve your mental health and wellbeing with the support of other men as we come together in nature to walk and talk without digital devices.

This project will provide 1to1 and group sessions to help you build structure, meet new people and explore nature regularly.

Our next men's only walk is on the 15th January 2022. Click the icon to find out more.


Reset the mind, learn new skills and reconnect with a full day digital detox in nature.

Our themes include: Survival, Trailblazing , Foraging , Twilight, Therapeutic arts and crafts and much more

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Improve student engagement and wellbeing with our unique digital detox school programs that helps children escape into nature to learn new skills, build their confidence and make nature a life long habit.

We provide 5-week programs, day sessions and will soon be offering after school programs from April 2022.

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Reduce sick days and stress with our business memberships and teambuilding days.

Memberships allow your staff to improve their wellbeing with daily walks to choose from out with work time.

Teambuilding days provide your workplace with a digital detox daycation which will bring your team together, lower stress and encourage your team to use nature regularly to improve their wellbeing.

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The benefits of being off my phone for an hour and interacting with others in nature has had great positive effects on me.

After the walks, I feel refreshed and more energized. The activity brings me back in the present moment, where I feel more centered and ready to take on my day.

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The walks give me an opportunity to relax from the stresses of a demanding job and give me time to relax, connect with nature and other people.

Clarity Walk is the reason I am now back at work and feel better mentally to take on each day.

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I had just moved close to Inverness from East Anglia and I really didn’t know anyone. I happened to meet Matt and he told me about the Clarity Walks he had started. I felt my whole world lighten hearing about them,. 

I’ve met some great people, I feel happier, I have new sense of confidence in myself and I have even lost weight!

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It affords the opportunity to step away from day-to-day stressors and interact with people without the intrusion of technology. 

I have met so many like-minded people who bring so much to the experience whilst also reaping so much in return.

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