No-Phone nature walks

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A group experience led by our walk leaders to help you feel connected through walking and talking. 

Based in Inverness/Nairnshire we have group walks Mon-Sat for all abilities, including one of those with mobility restrictions

You are guaranteed a relaxing experience with a group that is friendly, non-judgemental and welcoming.

Groups are a maximum size of 15 and adhere to social distancing guidelines. 

Clarity Walk Digital Detox Daycation

A 1to1 experience with one of our walk leaders to support those who prefer less people or want a gentle introduction to Clarity Walk. You can request a 1to1 with us by getting in contact. 

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partner/solo walk

Book a walk for yourself or with a walking partner to keep accountable to get out and enjoy nature



The benefits of being off my phone for an hour and interacting with others in nature has had great positive effects on me.

After the walks, I feel refreshed and more energized. The activity brings me back in the present moment, where I feel more centered and ready to take on my day.

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The walks give me an opportunity to relax from the stresses of a demanding job and give me time to relax, connect with nature and other people.

Clarity Walk is the reason I am now back at work and feel better mentally to take on each day.

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I had just moved close to Inverness from East Anglia and I really didn’t know anyone. I happened to meet Matt and he told me about the Clarity Walks he had started. I felt my whole world lighten hearing about them,. 

I’ve met some great people, I feel happier, I have new sense of confidence in myself and I have even lost weight!

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It affords the opportunity to step away from day-to-day stressors and interact with people without the intrusion of technology. 

I have met so many like-minded people who bring so much to the experience whilst also reaping so much in return.

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Walking on your own can be hard

You don’t know where to go or maybe you just end up doing the same route over and over which becomes boring

Maybe you have no motivation to go out on your own and other things keep getting in the way

Or maybe you feel unsafe going on walks by yourself

There are a lot of reasons why it is harder than walking with others

That is why Clarity Walk provides 1 hour No-Phone nature walks to help you

You will have a professional walk leader taking you through beautiful Highland locations so you can completely switch off and relax without your phone

You will have the accountability you need with a booking system to motivate you to show up for a walk and enjoy nature

And you will have the company of others who are friendly and non-judgemental so you can simply walk and talk with so the hour just flies by

With no pressure to have walking experience or be a certain fitness level you can come as you are as we have a walk for all abilities

Anyone is welcome to join us, including dogs and children as we believe everyone should experience true connection with others and nature by coming on a walk with us.

I hope to see you on a walk soon,


What Type of Walk Would you like to book? (Click below)

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