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Support your students with our 5-week Nature Program and day sessions

We support children with additional support needs and emotional development with our 5-week nature program and day sessions.

We work with schools and organisations to improve student wellbeing, engagement and life skills.

This program explores surrounding forests local to the area and can support 6 children.

Places for this program are limited so please get in contact if you are interested.

Cauldeen primary

a Positive Effect

“The feedback from the children has been really positive. They have tried new things, (forest yoga, rock painting, fire building and den building).

Experiencing new environments unique to the Highlands has helped the group to use strategies learned on these sessions to connect with nature and work as a team. The teachers have noticed a positive difference in the children’s mental health and wellbeing when they are in class as a result of Clarity Walks.” 


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Outcomes for each child

Improved communication

Improved ability to listen and communicate effectively with others through fun teambuilding, paired and solo exercises

Improved confidence

Improved confidence and self-belief in own abilities

Improved Resilience and determination

A safe space for children to practice skills so they can try, fail, adapt and succeed to increase resilience and determination

Increased awareness of skills

Increased awareness of their own skills and abilities to highlight weaknesses to work on and strengths to further develop

Improved mental and physical wellbeing

Improvements in their wellbeing from exposure to nature, time spent outside of the classroom's four walls and developed skills and confidence


Increased knowledge, awareness and concern for the natural environment and how to look after it

The program includes

  • Exploring the natural environment 
  • Mindfulness 
  • Team building
  • Games and activities 
  • Nature knowledge
  • Therapeutic arts and crafts 
  • Survival skills and safety 
  • Geographical education 
  • Fire safety and building
  • Creative development 
Each program session is 2 hours and 5 sessions are delivered. 
Every pupil enrolled on the program will be provided with a Nature activity journal which will be completed each week during our sessions so your school and parents/guardians/carers can see pupils/child’s development, learning and achievements after the program has finished. 
Clarity Walk Kids will also provide certificates and a report once the program is completed to highlight Pupils/child’s/children’s progress, strengths, and areas they may need support in.
This program has supported multiple schools, including Dalneigh, Lochardil, Cauldeen, Croy, Crown, Drummond, Milton of Leys, Drakies, and Hilton primary. 
By investing in Clarity Walk you are supporting our social enterprise to improve mental health and wellbeing in the community.



We Also provide day sessions


New skill development which builds good communication and teamwork. This involves forest exploration, fire building and enjoying hot chocolates and smores!

Hammock relaxation

Complete relaxation in nature which includes forest yoga, forest exploration, mindfulness activities and hammock relaxation.

Den Building

Teambuilding and creative ideas working together as a team to construct a nature shelter. This involves forest exploration, den building and woodland crafts.


Exciting day out to learn, play and enjoy nature with a variety of engaging activities for all children to enjoy.


If you have had a meeting from us and received a quote you can apply for MFR Cash For Kids grant to fund your school so you can work with us. Application deadline is the end of August and you can apply by clicking >>>>>HERE<<<<<


Program and day spaces are limited so please get in contact to set up a meeting and discuss your schools needs and how this program will help.

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“Erin got so much out of her sessions on the 5-week program, she looked forward to going to them every week, it really brought her out of her shell and made her love the outdoors more. Honestly, it was the only day she would get out of bed for school without a fight. She can’t wait to do more in the future.” 

-Ashley Macfarlane (parent)

My name is Evie and I’m 10 years old and I attended kids Clarity Walk and I loved it. What I liked the most was being out in the Forrest and learning about the trees and plants and using nature for games. It was really good fun. I enjoyed running about in the Forest and feeling freedom, and I felt safe with Matt, Natalie and Maggie as they were joining in and teaching us new things. I liked that it was really good exercise and it helped me to be fitter too and more confident helping me to make friends outside of my own school. I looked forward to it every week. I would love to go again!

-Evie Skeoch