Dementia Connect program

Dementia Connect program

With the Dementia Connect Program we guarantee:

  • Individuals will feel healthier, less distressed and more connected as they experience the joys of nature through walking and talking 
  • Families will have peace of mind knowing their loved ones are getting out to enjoy quality time in a safe, supportive environment
  • Reduced pressure on care homes/care providers as they can increase capacity to provide wellbeing activities

This program works by providing 1to1 Digital Detox Walks for 1-2 hours around scenic nature spots. 

Leaders are PVG checked, receive dementia/safeguarding training and work with individual care plans undertaking all relevant risk assessments. 

We provide transport for every individual.

Based in Inverness and can provide support up to 15 miles away.  

Support sessions


1 per week


2 per week


3 per week


All proceeds fund our free community programs to support mental health so supports your Corporate and Social responsibilities.

If you would like to arrange a call to discuss this program contact