It's simply men coming together for a chat and it makes all the difference

This project aims to improve male mental wellbeing by bringing men together in nature to walk and talk without judgement

For male mental health and wellbeing we realised there wasn't many support services available in the Highlands that men felt comfortable to access so we created the men's only project to solve this.

We designed this project to be very accessible for men as it is simply walking and talking about anything and everything.

There is no pressure to disclose any mental health issues or hardships you are experiencing as we give you the opportunity to talk as much or as little as you want.

It is simply men coming together for a chat and it makes all the difference.

what WE do

Men's Group walk

We provide 1-2 hour Digital Detox group walks around the Inverness area allowing you to switch off, meet new people and be yourself. Dogs are also welcome.

After walk tea and coffee

To help continue the great conversations we provide hot drinks after each walk


If you don't drive we can help organise transport from a local meeting point in your area.

1 to 1 walks

We realise that some people may not be ready for a group setting so we are in the process of setting up 1to1 walks to help build confidence to progress to the groups

Click book a walk to see our schedule and book the next Men’s Only Walk