Men’s Only Sponsorship

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In the Highlands there are over 67 suicides per year which are mainly male highlighting there is an issue with mental health in the area. Many men do not seek support due to stigma and often suffer in isolation.

The project brings men together so they can talk, be themselves and feel part of a community to improve their physical and mental wellbeing.

To be as inclusive as possible this project is free for all men to attend.

We provide Digital Detox Walks, Hikes and outsource Bushcraft and fitness activities.

Funds a 1to1 walk for someone who needs personal support
Funds marketing and one Men's Only activity to support up to 15 men
Funds the training of a Men's Only Leader



“Working in a time sensitive environment, always clock watching probably isn’t a good thing long term so it’s good to escape now and then.

At Clarity, you really do just wander along and chat to others about anything and everything. I’ve met some really interesting people, many have become good friends on both the regular walks and at the mens walks so I would highly recommend them.

I’ve never felt a sense of rush or pressure, just a very laid back approach to the whole thing. There are usually teas and biscuits after so it’s part walk, part social … win win!”


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