My Walk To Clarity




This is a book that will make you think about your own life and how your choices affect others. It is an honest account of Matt's journey so far, warts and all but it is also a book of hope, inspiration and a real page turner! It is without doubt the most reveiling book I've read in years.

Kenny Maclean

Relatable, real and easy to digest. It covers everything from understanding how low mood and emotional pain can affect you, to self doubt and anxiety. It’s as if your wise best friend is chatting to you.

Jaye Fraser

The Children's Lighthouse

It is a real page turner that is raw and honest. It is relatable with a conversational style which makes it easy to read. 

Phyllis Finnie


Discover the life lessons I used to overcome my depression and start an enterprise to help thousands


If you are struggling with life’s challenges this book is for you. 

It is open, honest and engaging from start to finish making it easy to read in one day, even if you don’t do books.

It will make you laugh, cry and take you on a rollercoaster of emotions by sharing relatable stories that can support you on your own journey.

If this book can help at least one person change their life, then it has done it’s job. 


Paper, kindle and audio available. Released from October 26th on Amazon.