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CLARITY WALK 6-week programs

Clarity Walk provides 6-week programs to charities and organisations to improve mental wellbeing, build connections and encourage physical activity with the end goal of participants joining our community walks for ongoing support. 

Clarity Walk currently has 2 program running:

Salvation Army program

A walking program designed to help those recovering from drug and alcohol issues by providing a healthy support network and a positve alternative to drug and alcohol use.


According to Debbie Smith from the Salvation Army the project has helped service users dramatically decrease anxiety, stop panic attacks, feel happier, become more relaxed and meet new supportive people to help them in their recovery.

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Befrienders Highland program

A walking program designed to reduce isolation and improve mental wellbeing through connection in nature. 


According to Susan White from Befrienders Highland the project has helped service users reduce anxiety, feel less isolated and feel connected in nature. 


Clarity Walk is looking to work with more charities and organisation who would benefit from our 6 week programs.

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6 Week programs start at £1100