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Become a member

Experience the benefits of a Digital Detox Walk with our Free and paid memberships
in the Highlands

Benefits of membership


Our guided Digital Detox walks are proven to increase happiness, lower stress levels and help you feel more connected. We have walks for all abilities.

Schedule time for yourself

Improve your wellbeing by scheduling a walk at a day, time and level that suits you using our unique booking system. We have walks every day.

Meet new people

Enjoy great conversations, make friends and feel connected with a group that is friendly, non-judgemental and welcoming.
Feel part of a community.

Build a life changing walking habit

Our walks are fun and engaging to help you become more active, lose weight and feel healthier so you want to walk regularly.

Discover NEW locations

Discover beautiful locations and be a tourist on your own door step to see nature in a brand new way.


We can help you organise transport if you don't drive so you can benefit from our walks.

Join one of our 3 memberships below

FREE membership

  • Access to 1 walk per month in any Clarity Walk location
  • Support and motivation from our online community groups

Community Champion membership

£15 / month
  • Access to unlimited walks in any Clarity Walk location
  • Have a friend or family member join you on this membership at no charge
  • Become a community champion by helping to fund one of our referral memberships for those less fortunate
  • Free access Clarity Walk events (worth up to £15 each)
  • Discounts with local businesses, including Juicyness and Highland muscle therapy
  • Provide the most support for Clarity Walk community projects
  • Support and motivation from our online community groups

Essential membership

£10 / month
  • Access to 8 walks per month in any Clarity Walk location
  • Support and motivation from our online community groups

RATHER PAY AS YOU GO? Click the button below

If these options are out of your budget and you would benefit from unlimited walks then please fill in our referral form to receive a 3 month membership funded by community champions

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This provides you with a free 3 month membership with Clarity Walk. You can re-refer yourself at any point.


A life changing experience


My life has changed completely since joining Clarity Walks !! The freedom to be myself and not be judged!!! Getting out into nature is something that gives me a sense of peace and relaxation. 

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A lifeline


I have never been so down in my life as I was when I started Clarity walks and I am not being dramatic to say that it has been a life saver.

On one of my earlier walks I said to another walker this has literally saved my life I was that depressed and lonely when I started. The inclusive non judgmental people I have met have reduced my feeling of isolation enormously. One of the best things about the walks is that there is one every day.

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